03 January 2022


Konya Enduro Fest 21 races started in Konya with the participation of more than 180 athletes. Mehmet Sait Sürücü, President of Konya Enduro and Motor Sports Club Association, said, “Our aim is to turn this festival into an international event.

The enduro races, held in Konya for the first time in 2019, will be held for the second time this year under the Main Sponsorship of Hektar Yapı Mühendisliğiafter the break due to the pandemic. Nearly 200 athletes participate in the races held on the specially prepared track in Selçuklu district. Reminding that the success in the Enduro sport depends not on the speed, but on the endurance and reliability of the motorcycle and the driver, the President of the Konya Enduro and Motor Sports Club Association, Mehmet Sait Sürücü, said that “Konya is considered to be in the center of Turkey due to its location. We are about 5-6 hours away from anywhere. Therefore, the Konya race brought Turkey together. Nearly 200 racers are not competing anywhere in Turkey at the moment. These races made Konya a center. Our aim is to raise the bar even more and to make it an international race by incorporating international racers in the next race,” he said. Halil Aytemir, Chairman of the Board of Hektar Yapı Mühendisliği, said that "We plan to continue the Enduro races every year as the main sponsor for the promotion of our Konya and this sport."

Enduro Fest races ended with the award ceremony and concerts after the stage races on Sunday.