Hektar Plaza
LOFT, which literally means "roof", "attic space", first emerged in the 1970s in the United States, with the transformation of multi-storey industrial buildings, factories, into residential and working areas in order to solve the home problem. Artists showed the most interest in loft apartments in America. The lofts, which have been converted into both home and workplace-workshop areas, have become the symbol of free life. Ankara follows Istanbul in terms of loft projects in our country. Now the Loft Office project is on the move in Konya... Indispensable for Loft Offices; high ceilings, open and wide square meters, large windows and folding windows, functional spaces fed by daylight create a spacious and peaceful atmosphere for workers.
Project Start Date

14 August 2018

Project Estimated Completion

31 December 2020

Project End Date

01 March 2021

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