Real Estate Valuation of all kinds of real estate, real estate projects and rights and benefits related to real estate is made with our expert and reliable staff, by meeting the new demands arising in the field of valuation with the developments in the real estate sector recently. Our company providing valuation and consultancy services determines the right value for the right place regarding the importance of real estate valuation in the economy regarding the developments in the sector, by using the values used for different purposes and called Market Value, Securities and Investment Value, Current Use Value, Mortgage Value, Compulsory Liquidation Value, Regular Liquidation Value / Fair Value. We provides valuation services impartially and independently with our personnel holding the CMB (Capital Markets Board) license.


Our Fields of Work Regarding Valuation:

Zoned or Unzoned Lands (Land, Vineyard, Garden, Field, Agricultural Field etc.)

Houses and Workplaces (Flats, Detached Buildings, Manors, Mansions, Shops, Bureaus, Offices etc.)

Commercial Buildings (Malls, Workplaces, Plaza, Shopping Centers etc.)

Industrial Real Estates (Factory, Production Facilities, Workshop, Warehouse, Hangar, Manufacturing Plant in all qualities)

Energy and Fuel Facilities (Fuel Station, Refinery, Fuel Storage Facilities, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Wind Power Plants etc.)

Real Estate Used for Service Purposes (Hospital, Polyclinic, School, Dormitory, Parking Lot, Sports Facilities)

Real Estate Used for Tourism Purposes (Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Holiday Villages, Accommodation Facilities)

Mass Housing Valuations, Buildings with Logistic Use (Warehouses), Entertainment Facilities and Theme Parks

Special Purpose Properties